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Welcome to Somni Astrum, an Alternate Universe RP for any existing console role-playing game. A setting where they live the normal hustle and bustle of the city of San Francisco and the SF Bay Area. Their natural, innate, and inherited abilities are all kept, though only used in times of war and armageddon. Some have jobs, some go to school, some are just around for fun.

What do you think your favorite character would do if they were in a real life modern-day setting with their abilities kept? This RP is the chance to express that. Even normal human life is not all fun and games and adventures. There are mouths to feed, hearts to make content, bills to pay, jobs to get, school to go to, the possibilities are endless. Again, this RP is the chance to make all of that happen.

Here's some links for you if you wanna know more about San Francisco and its surrounding areas:
- Only in San Francisco (pop-up caution!)
- San Francisco in Wikipedia
- SF Bay Area in Wikipedia
- Restaurants in SF
- SF on CitySearch

Your mods are also great resources for what the SF Bay Area is all about. Please contact them for details.

Games allowed can be found here. Remember that this list is continually being expanded upon, but is only limited to role-playing games.

Check our rules at that link right there.

This community will be used for real-time logging (3rd person story logs, and in-character announcements via newspaper, online blog, etc.)
relati_astrum - for Instant Message logs
effusio_astrum - OOC stuff (mun announcements, hiatus notices, plot discussion, etc.)
Character Listing
Friend Add
Occupation - what the characters do for a living, where they go to school, where they live

Other good stuff coming soon. A Wiki for the RP has been considered.

Contact the following mods for more details: