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winged_sister in somni_astrum


Who: Innes and Tana Alastair
What: She's making cookies, and Tana takes this as her mission to get her older brother to help.
When: During the bad weather when they're not much else to do.
Where: Their apartment.
Warnings: Uhm...sibling stuff?

Tana had woken up this morning hoping that the weather report would be wrong. Unfortunately, it had been right, and she sighed as she looked at the dark clouds and torrents of rain streaming from the sky. Great. She still needed to do Christmas shopping, but it didn't look like the weather wanted her out.

It wasn't long before an idea struck her. The apartment she was sharing with Innes had yet to be decorated for Christmas, and she had yet to make cookies! She went online and sent messages to her friends, promising them some, and looking up recipes, then flew to the kitchen. She tore through the cabinets, collecting ingredients and putting them on the counter where she could see them. Somehow, they had the right ones to make sugar cookies. She wanted to cut them out with cookie cutters in holiday shapes, but she would figure out how to do that without cookie cutters later.

She didn't try to keep the noise down. The kitchen was full of clanging and other noise from Tana collecting mixing bowls and cookie sheets. She was hoping to attract someone's attention anyway...

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Sorry it took me so long!!

Tana had gotten out some goody bags to fill with cookies for friends when Innes started to interrogate her. She filled them up with cookies as she spoke.

"He's about your age. He said he worked as a DJ in some night club." She tapped her chin. "I can't remember what it was called though. I've been thinking about asking Eirika to go there with me. It sounded like a lot of fun!" She doubted that Innes would agree with this, but ti was easy enough to sneak out of the apartment. She did it before, and she could do it again.

all good

Innes folded his arms again. Night clubs were brooding grounds for creepers. "I'm going with you."


If it had been anyone else, Tana would have been thrilled. However, the only reason Innes would go to a place like this was so he could play babysitter and make sure she wouldn't get into trouble. "I can take care of myself you know. If you do come though, you'll have to dance." She gave him a teasing grin. "Maybe Eirika would be nice enough to dance with you."

She was almost done filling up the goody bags. She'd have to clean the kitchen next. It wouldn't be fun, but she didn't want things to grow where they prepared food either.

Re: <3<3<3

He had about to call nonsense on her as usual, but the possibility of dancing with Eirika wouldn't be too bad. "Fine."
She couldn't help but smile. Tana normally couldn't get Innes to agree much on anything, and so far she had two for two. She wondered how long this winning streak would last.

"Great!" She had finished with the goody bags, and now placed the dirty dished and such in the sink and turned on the faucet to let it fill with hot water. She got out soap, and while the sink was filling, she wiped off the counters. Maybe she could get Innes to help? "The dishes will get done faster if we both work on them." She gave her brother a hopeful look.
He folded his arms. Now she was pushing it. "Just put them in the dishwasher. That's what it's there for." As if he could properly wash dishes. What nonsense was that?
Tana pouted. "But this way I'll know they're clean! I hate it when I get stuff out of the dishwasher to put away, and there's still stuff on it."

The sink was just about full, and Tana had finished with the counters. She add the soap to the water and grabbed a rag and started scrubbing. It wasn't to hard to wash the dishes, as nothing had a chance to dry and stick.
He folded his arms and watched her putz about. In the end, she would do as she pleased, no matter how much he fussed at her and tried to protect her. Never seemed to work in the end. Didn't mean he wouldn't try, anyway.

December 2009

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