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winged_sister in somni_astrum


Who: Innes and Tana Alastair
What: She's making cookies, and Tana takes this as her mission to get her older brother to help.
When: During the bad weather when they're not much else to do.
Where: Their apartment.
Warnings: Uhm...sibling stuff?

Tana had woken up this morning hoping that the weather report would be wrong. Unfortunately, it had been right, and she sighed as she looked at the dark clouds and torrents of rain streaming from the sky. Great. She still needed to do Christmas shopping, but it didn't look like the weather wanted her out.

It wasn't long before an idea struck her. The apartment she was sharing with Innes had yet to be decorated for Christmas, and she had yet to make cookies! She went online and sent messages to her friends, promising them some, and looking up recipes, then flew to the kitchen. She tore through the cabinets, collecting ingredients and putting them on the counter where she could see them. Somehow, they had the right ones to make sugar cookies. She wanted to cut them out with cookie cutters in holiday shapes, but she would figure out how to do that without cookie cutters later.

She didn't try to keep the noise down. The kitchen was full of clanging and other noise from Tana collecting mixing bowls and cookie sheets. She was hoping to attract someone's attention anyway...

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oh rofl XD

At least she listened. There wasn't any need to make any more of a mess than she already had. The food coloring probably would stain the counter and that would only make things worse in the end. He wanted that full deposit back on the apartment and no dumb stain would take that way from him.

"These are just fine," Innes replied.
It was at this moment that the timer went off for the cookies. Just in time too.

Tana dug around for some oven mitts and opened the oven door, carefully pulling out the cookie sheet and placing it on top of the stove while closing the door to the oven, which she promptly turned off. After the cookies cooled, they could start decorating. "They already smell so good! I can't wait to eat them!"
He definitely agreed, internally, of course. They sure smelled incredibly tasty. He watched her cautiously, hoping she wouldn't burn herself in the process of taking the cookies out.

"Let's ice them then."
Tana didn't need to be told twice. She took a spatula and carefully moved the cookies from the cookie sheet to a plate where they would cool off faster. She then moved everything to the table, sat down, and took a butter knife to begin icing the cookies.
Innes followed suit, seemingly randomly smearing designs on the cookies with icing. Of course, he had some method to it, but heaven forbid he should actually share it. In the end the cookies were pretty neatly decorated with designs in the icing to match the cookie's shape so it didn't really matter anyway.
Tana took her time, making sure the cookies looked nice. Even the lopsided cookies she cut out looked pretty good.

She licked her fingers and stood up with a satisfied smile on her face. The cookies were done, and more importantly, she had gotten her older brother to help her and spend quality time with her!

She immediately picked up a cookie and took a large bite out of it. All that hard work wasn't for nothing. She was the cook, and thus it was in her interest to make sure her products came out perfect. They did. "Try one Innes," she managed to say after swallowing.
Quality time. Right. Though truthfully he did enjoy spending time with her. Far from him to admit it, though.

With a not-so-sour expression, he plucked a fish cookie from the counter and began to munch on it. "They're good," he said, such a rare compliment.
If it had been anyone else, Tana would have pouted as a reaction for such a remark. These cookies weren't good, they were delicious!

This was Innes though, and he only complimented things that were really to his liking, and Tana knew this. She smiled and ate the rest of the cookie. She'd have to make sure that not all of them went to her friends. She and her brother deserved some too, right? "We should do this every year!"
"I'll consider it," Innes stated sharply, plucking another cookie off the counter before she could take it from him. This, of course, meant he'd be bribeable or compete with Ephraim to make the better cookie.
To Tana, that was just as good as a 'yes.' "I'll get something to put the cookies in. I need to save some for Ephraim, Eirika, and Demyx." She was sure he'd ask about Demyx, but he had been so nice to her when she went out. She had to make him cookies too.
Innes had expected the first two names but the last he didn't recognize. "Who is this Demyx?"
"He's a guy met when I went out exploring. He was nice enough to show me around, though he was a bit lost himself." Demyx seemed a little spazzy, but Tana enjoyed his company. "Don't worry. He's not a creeper."
He folded his arms. She had that ability to meet people so well but it was that ability which worried him in the first place. "He better not be. How old is this guy?"

Sorry it took me so long!!

Tana had gotten out some goody bags to fill with cookies for friends when Innes started to interrogate her. She filled them up with cookies as she spoke.

"He's about your age. He said he worked as a DJ in some night club." She tapped her chin. "I can't remember what it was called though. I've been thinking about asking Eirika to go there with me. It sounded like a lot of fun!" She doubted that Innes would agree with this, but ti was easy enough to sneak out of the apartment. She did it before, and she could do it again.

all good

Innes folded his arms again. Night clubs were brooding grounds for creepers. "I'm going with you."

December 2009

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