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winged_sister in somni_astrum


Who: Innes and Tana Alastair
What: She's making cookies, and Tana takes this as her mission to get her older brother to help.
When: During the bad weather when they're not much else to do.
Where: Their apartment.
Warnings: Uhm...sibling stuff?

Tana had woken up this morning hoping that the weather report would be wrong. Unfortunately, it had been right, and she sighed as she looked at the dark clouds and torrents of rain streaming from the sky. Great. She still needed to do Christmas shopping, but it didn't look like the weather wanted her out.

It wasn't long before an idea struck her. The apartment she was sharing with Innes had yet to be decorated for Christmas, and she had yet to make cookies! She went online and sent messages to her friends, promising them some, and looking up recipes, then flew to the kitchen. She tore through the cabinets, collecting ingredients and putting them on the counter where she could see them. Somehow, they had the right ones to make sugar cookies. She wanted to cut them out with cookie cutters in holiday shapes, but she would figure out how to do that without cookie cutters later.

She didn't try to keep the noise down. The kitchen was full of clanging and other noise from Tana collecting mixing bowls and cookie sheets. She was hoping to attract someone's attention anyway...

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He does. Tana can glomp him for me. >:3

Tana's face formed a pout from a smile in less time it takes to flip a light switch. "You're just going to make a bunch of fish! Making the cookies was my idea, so I should cut some out too!" Tana knew she could be a bit childish, like right now, but this was ridiculous! Did Innes think she'd be so stupid as to cut her fingers off or something? She did have training with deadly weapons, so she knew what not to do with something like a little kitchen knife.

rofl he'd throw such a fit

"Nonsense!" Innes shot back. "I can make plenty of shapes." He completely avoided the subject of her cutting the cookies. It wasn't that he thought she was stupid, it was that he wanted to keep an accident from happening and the fiasco which would likely follow.

A fit...with some love?

Tana kept the scowl on her face as she went to the drawer and pulled out a knife for herself. "There. Now we can both cut out shapes." She hated it when he treated her like this. She wasn't a child anymore, and he seemed to forget that. A lot.

of course! :D

Innes sighed, "Fine." He couldn't control her, no matter how much he wanted to for the sole purpose of protecting her. And that usually backfired right in his face too. Cheer leading, cutting cookies with a knife (which hardly sounded safe in the first place), gallivanting off on her own in the city. Keeping her safe felt like a full-time job.

8D Nice icon

Tana stuck her tongue out at Innes when he backed down. She pushed him over a bit so she could cut out shapes easier and so she could bug him a little more. He was such a jerk sometimes. Why couldn't they get along like Eirika and Ephraim?

She carefully started to cut out shapes. They weren't very good, but you could still tell what they were supposed to be. Sort of. She attempted to cut Christmas tree, snowmen, stars, and other Christmas shapes. She then looked over to see what Innes was cutting out.

Haha thanks X3

Innes didn't express himself like Ephraim did. It wasn't his style at all, though he did deeply care about Tana more than the world itself. He just couldn't say it.

He scooted over, allowing her to where she wanted to go, then he busied himself cutting out first fish, then other things followed: snowflakes, stars, and trees. They were pretty well cut, as he took his time to make sure they were the best.
Tana smiled as she saw Innes cut out more than just fish shapes. "Those are really good!" She looked back at her own sloppy shapes and pouted a bit. Maybe she should take her time with these...

Even while taking their time to cut out nice shapes, it didn't take too long for them to fill the cookie sheet. Tana had thought ahead and preheated the oven to the correct temperature while she had been mixing the cookie dough. She grabbed the cookie sheet and opened the oven, carefully popping the sheet inside, closing the door, and setting a timer. She tured to Innes. "Now we can make the icing!"
They were the best, as he had to be great at everything, even greater than Ephraim. Though Innes doubted his rival was really great at cutting out cookies anyway.

He perked an eyebrow at that. As if she needed the sugar, but she would complain cookies weren't cookies without icing, or something along those lines. He'd end up giving in to her in the end so he didn't feel like fighting and he carefully placed the knife in the sink to be washed later.
Tana got out another mixing bowl and opened the recipe for icing on her computer. It wasn't long before the ingredients were together and mixed into a nice creamy texture. She couldn't help but dip her finger in to try a bit. It was delicious.

"Mmmmm. All we have to do is add food coloring and wait for the cookies to finish baking!" She couldn't wait. Decorating the cookies was the best part!
Waiting. Innes could do that. He could be patient. Sometimes. Okay, not so much but he was more tolerant with Tana (sometimes) and folded his arms, watching her mix this sugary concoction. "We must have green icing."
"We'll have green icing, and red icing, and white icing, and any other color you want." She gave her older brother a large grin while she started to scoop out globs of icing into separate bowls. Tana then ran over to where she had put the food coloring, and opened the lid to put a few drops of green into one of the bowls. Instead of a few drops, however, the top popped off and half the bottle ended up in the bowl. "Oops."
Innes immediately brought his hand to his forehead in disbelief. Well, not really disbelief. He should have expected that. "That'll be very green. Make sure the tops on next time."

This happened when I was making cookies with my grandma last week. XP

Tana only flashed an embarrassed grin and did what she could to drain the puddle of food coloring down the sink without letting the icing go with it. She succeeded, but the icing turned out a very bold, bright green. Oh well.

She added the color to the rest of the icing, following her brother's request and making sure the top was on so only a few drops would come out at a time. "Are there any other colors you want, Innes?"

oh rofl XD

At least she listened. There wasn't any need to make any more of a mess than she already had. The food coloring probably would stain the counter and that would only make things worse in the end. He wanted that full deposit back on the apartment and no dumb stain would take that way from him.

"These are just fine," Innes replied.
It was at this moment that the timer went off for the cookies. Just in time too.

Tana dug around for some oven mitts and opened the oven door, carefully pulling out the cookie sheet and placing it on top of the stove while closing the door to the oven, which she promptly turned off. After the cookies cooled, they could start decorating. "They already smell so good! I can't wait to eat them!"

December 2009

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