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I see the Distance

im_not_ded_yet in somni_astrum

You're something Beauitful, A Contradiction

WHO: Rufus Shinra and Zack Fair
WHEN: The other night
WHAT: Rufus wants Zack to come over, Zack listens

Zack had spent the last thirty minutes walking down the street from his apartment complex to Rufus'. He quickly looked over at his new phone (this touch thing was aaaawesome) to double check what number apartment it was. Once he confirmed, he went up the flight of stairs and knocked on the door. Knock Knock.

Why did Rufus wanna see him, anyways? It wasn't like Rufus was a great friend from before. More like an acquaintance he knew from back before the accident. At least... he thought that's how it was. The shooting had messed with his memories a bit along with his sense of time. (Sometimes he still felt like he was 19, even if he knew that wasn't the case) Whatever. It was something to do. Cloud still didn't want to see him, so Zack would just hang out with someone who did.


"Good." He started the car and pulled off. Luckily for Zack, Rufus was a good driver if not a speeder. "It really isn't too much. How would you feel about an internship with Shinra. Hm?"
Zack blinked. Okay, he just got a new car, maybe some food, and now an internship. Was this the best day ever? Maybe. "I dunno... Guess it'd depend on what the internship was...?"
"Who knows, who cares." he shrugged his shoulders at that. He just wanted to get someone closer to the nonsense that was his father's business. If it took him giving someone a car to suffer through the idiocy that was old man Shinra, then that was perfectly fine.
"Uh... me?" He would like to care if this was his internship he was talking about. "I dunno, though. I'd wanna see how school was first." He hadn't started yet, and if he took an internship, and then school got really hard, he'd fail. And then how would be get to being Chief of Police?
He grinned a bit. It was really a simple request. And if Zack really wanted the car, he'd simply have to bite the bullet.

"It's up to you, really. But... the main office is a good deal away, and you'd need a car to get there. Hm."
But Zack would also have to be physically fit to drive, which he currently wasn't. And to have a car and an Internship with no way to get there.... the car would just sit there in the parking lot mocking him.

"Yeah, but I can't drive for at least a few months..." he frowned.
"Shinra provides a shuttle." Rufus commented as he cut off some bastard who was in his way. It was San Francisco, and he happened to want to change lanes. "Though, if you work with me I can provide you better services."

He laughed at that as he pulled into the restaurants parking lot (http://www.sanfrancisco.com/cliff-house/?tag=ccl). It was a place called The Cliff House, and it was one of Rufus' favorites for the views alone.
"Sounds good, but... I guess I'd have to think about it." There was lots he wanted to do with his life! He couldn't just make a decision like that without thinking about it.

And a restaurant that was waaaay more expensive and swankier than any other Zack had been to. Give the guy a burger and fries and he'd be happy.
If Rufus was ever taken out for a burger and fries, he'd shoot a bitch. Really, why would you go out to eat something like that?

"Just a suggestion.."

December 2009

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