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damnissuesftl in somni_astrum

IM to real-time

Who: Cloud Strife and Reno Testaverti
When: Saturday late night
What: IM before frat party, real-time after
Warnings: alcohol, and adult situations

(22:42:14) hotehturkeh: Ready Cloud?
(22:42:26) Pwned by Issues: ....What are you talking about?
(22:42:40) hotehturkeh: Frat party, remember. You said you'd go for a few.
(22:43:28) Pwned by Issues: Oh. Yeah. Let me put a warmer shirt on.
(22:43:39) hotehturkeh: I got some good shit for later too.
(22:43:55) Pwned by Issues: All I have is a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum.
(22:46:08) hotehturkeh: I have some Patron and some Smirnoff Ice's.
(22:51:04) Pwned by Issues: Alright.
(22:54:18) hotehturkeh: Let me know when you're ready. If I go down and catch you in some form of undress, I might not be able to control myself.
(22:54:37) Pwned by Issues: Too late, I'm ready now.
(22:54:46) hotehturkeh: Damn, I shouldn't have said something.
(22:57:25) Pwned by Issues: Oh well.
(22:58:04) hotehturkeh: Maybe next time. I'm on my way down there.
(22:58:10) Pwned by Issues: Fine.

He didn't mind leaving the party early, the point of the night was to get wasted with Cloud and avoid getting hit upside the head a few times. Reno had already planned for the night, kicking his roommate out for the weekend. "We can go to my place, I cleared it out earlier today."

"If you want, but I have a studio," Cloud said, walking with the red head a bit. He had a little bit to drink already, but he was slowly beginning to feel its effects. "And I need to go get the rum if we're going to your place."

"You have a studio? How the hell did you get one of those? They told me they were for fourth years." They would just have to go there. "We'll get my stuff and then we're go there. Since you have your own fuckin room and all."

"I don't know, but yeah. I got my own place," Cloud said, and nodded at the mention of going to Reno's place to grab more booze. The blonde also remembered to buy snacks so that hangover's wouldn't be so bad.

"That sucks. I have this annoying roommate. Major wetblanket." He opened his door and moved in to grabbed it real fast. "I'll be right back....I'll grab some extra clothes too, just in case." He knew walking back up to his room was not going to be something he wanted to do.

So that meant Cloud had to wait outside. Thankfully, this place wasn't too far from Studio 003. Heh, he could see the building from where he was standing. In the IM, Reno had mentioned Smirnoff Ice and another substance that he wasn't aware of. He'll have to ask him about that later.

He came out with a bag smirking a bit. He had plenty of booze and if Cloud had more that's even better. "Okay. We're all set, babe. Lets head back to your place for some hot drinking action."

"Uhh... yeah...." Cloud ignored the innuendo there and headed across the small street to the top floor of Studio 003. Once they got there, the blond took his keys and unlocked his door, immediately turning on the lights to the front room.

There was realy know Innuendo there. If Reno really wanted to talk about that he would simplysay it to Cloud flat out. "You okay, Cloud?" He was half asking about how the deal with Rufus had been going, but it could be taken as a general question as well.

"Ehh..." Cloud responded as he put the booze down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and as he sat on it, quickly in a relaxing position. He wasn't even sure how to answer that himself, so he wasn't going to at this time.

Ehh was an answer, even if it wasn't something he was being very specific about it. "Well, we'll just have to get you nice and liquored up." He headed to find some cups to pour a few drinks. "What do you want first? Did you want some Petron?"

"Sure," Cloud responded and sat up a bit. And then remembered that he wanted to ask Reno something. "So what in the world is Patron?" He's never heard of it before, and wondered if it would poison him.

"What the hell is Patron?" He laughed at that. "It's the best fucking tequilla ever made." He handed Cloud a glass with the liquor and ice in it. "Just slam it. It's fucking awesome." And he gulped down his glass, even though it would leave that burning sensation.

And Cloud followed. Sure enough, the burning sensation down his esophagus was almost immediately present. But... it somehow felt good. "Not bad," he said. He'd never had tequila like this before but he was somehow glad that he tried.

"I'd never steer you wrong, babe. Want another one?" He was planning on getting Cloud as wasted as he could. Especially considering the things he wanted to do with the blonde. Naughty naughty things. "or we can drink something else.."

"I can take another one," Cloud said. But that would have to be his last drink. At least not for another 20 minutes to half an hour. He gave his glass to Reno and he got up to go get the chips and salsa that he bought earlier.

Oh, Reno wasn't going to let that happen. They were going to keep drinking just like a normal person. He filled up another glass and handed it to Cloud. "I'm going to keep going though.....you have some nuts?"

"Nah," Cloud answered when he got the chips and salsa out. Then noticed something else in his pantry. "I have cashews. That work?" He took out the Planters canister that they were in and showed it to Reno while they fixed themselves another drink.

"Looks good to me." Reno said before downing the glass again. It was definately a drink that didn't take much to get you tipsy if not drunk. "So Cloud... I've got an idea. We ask each other questions and you have to tell the truth."

Whatever Reno had up his sleeve, Cloud was not going to fall victim for it. "That's the stupidest idea I've heard all night," he admitted. Even though he probably heard of worse ones back at the frat party, he didn't count those. He dipped a chip into the salsa and then ate it before taking a ship of his new glass of patron on the rocks.

"Seriously. It's a good way to get to know someone. You can ask me anything you want to and I'll answer." Because, Reno had no secrets...well outside of his childhood, but most people wouldn't ask about that.

And too bad Cloud had too many things to hide. So he was totally not down with this. "Ehh, I think I'll pass." Another chip, into the salsa, and into Cloud's mouth. He sat back at the sofa and then stared at the ceiling.

"Laaame, Cloudie." Reno sat down next to him and looked up. What the hell was Cloud looking at anyway. "It's not like I would ask you about your past or anything. Just about things now. Things like your favorite sexual position."

"That's not the point," Cloud said. The alcohol was slowly starting to consume him. But because he felt like Reno was being a punk, he'd answer some of his questions, anyway. "I don't have a favorite position. That was a dumb question."

"That was a sample question. Now you ask me something. I'll be completely honest. Scouts honor." Of course, he never was a boy scout...but shhh who cared about that.

"I have no idea what to ask you," Cloud honestly answered. Because he really couldn't think up of a question to ask him. Well... then a few questions popped in his head. Obvious ones, probably. "So why exactly did you want to get drunk with me, Reno?"

"I like hanging out with you." Reno grinned. "And I think you're cute as all hell. Sexy mofo, you are." Not that it wasn't obvious that he thought that way. There was the whole naughty thing, but that wasn't why he wanted to drink with Cloud. it was an afterthought, really.

"Okay, you've had too much to drink already," Cloud said. He didn't completely believe everything that he was hearing. Still, Cloud downed the rest of the patron on his second glass. He tried taking a chip and dipping it into salsa and it wasn't working. Why the hell wasnt it working? Oh... He was poking the top of the coffee table with the chip and he was missing the salsa.

"So are you even attracted to me, Cloud? I just want to make sure this dog isn't barking up the wrong tree." Because, Reno still had a suspicion about Miss Hooters. If Cloud said he wasn't attracted, Reno figured he'd either give up or try harder.

"W-what are akdfj;asfd" Cloud then leaned over too far and found his face on the coffee table next to the salsa. "Fuck...." Because that shit hurt.Truthfully, Cloud was attracted, but he told himself he wouldn't get involved again after what happened in high school.

"That's not an answer....I just need to know before I continue to make a fucking foold out of myself." Because, he really didn't want to do that again. Once was enough...

"Ow..." Cloud said, still lying on the table on his face. Shit, that kinda hurt. "I know that's not an answer. Because my face is on the table." He tried getting up, but then failed and instead rolled onto the coffee table like a douche bag. "I'm gonna kill you for this, Reno...."

"You're blaming me for this again, but you were all for it in the beginning." He wanted to make sure that was completely clear. Cloud kept drinking, Reno simply offered it to him.

Of course Cloud would blame him for it, anyway. He was the one who kept pressuring Cloud to loosen up a bit and now he was drunk. Whatever this patron stuff was, it was fairly strong and Cloud underestimated it. "Yeah yeah yeah... Shit, I don't think I can get up, though..."

"Here. I'll help you." It was the least Reno could do, it wasn't that difficult to get Cloud to his feet, now getting him someplace where he wouldn't hit his head on something was different.

Cloud wasn't sure if Reno should be helping him because he had been drinking, too. And if they both fell on their asses, this would be Reno's fault, too. "Damn it, why is that stuff so good," Cloud said, not really making what he said sound like a question.

"Because it's just the bes thing ever..." He laughed at that before practically dragging Cloud towards the nearest sof object, probably the bed.

And on the bed he went. "Whatever..." Cloud managed to say underneath his breath as he layed on the bed. The world was turning to the right. Then to the left. Then to the back. Cloud was having such a great time looking at... whatever it is that's in his room. He couldn't even tell anymore.

Too bad, Reno joined the trip and ended up right on top of Cloud. Whoops. "Eh heh....Man..remind me not to do that ever again..."

"Okay, then get off me," Cloud said. When he looked to the right, the world would spin to the left. When he looked to his left, the world would spin to the right. This was just a grand night. "Are... are you insinuating something, Reno....?"

He really didn't want to move from the spot, he thought it was rather comfortable. "I could be....would you kick my ass if I was?"

"Probably....." Cloud managed to roll off his tongue. What the hell was Reno thinking. At least he wasn't heavy. And at least he wasn't doing anything. Yet. But somehow, Cloud was expecting it.

"That's not an answer. I really... don't want to get my ass kicked for doing something like that." He was deadly serious at this point, because he knew anything he did with Cloud could turn out bad for him.

"Well, what---" Cloud stopped himself. He didn't know why he stopped himself. He just did. He was drunk, after all. "What do you mean by doing something like that? I don't get it, Reno."

He laughed at that. "Something like kiss you." Well, Cloud did ask a question like that. Drunk Reno was even more honest than normal Reno...if it might cost him a black eye...again.

But Cloud doesn't have the energy for creating a black eye right now. "Whaaa...? Are you stupid? You wouldn't kiss me. Not in a million years." Of course, this was just drunk Cloud talking. Why else would he be taunting Reno like this?

That really seemed like a challenge to Reno, and Reno would respond by taking it. Sure, it was a drunken kiss, but he still got it off. " Yeah. I'm quite stupid....really.."

"Ech, that was a lame kiss, but whatever. I don't think you could do better right now," Cloud taunted further. What the hell was going on? Something in the back of his mind was cursing him for invoking this behavior. But he couldn't figure out why.

....Reno just stared at Cloud. "Are you telling me that I couldn't do better." Honestly, that was when he leaned down and did it again, this time he was going to makre sure Cloud enjoyed it too.

God damn, even when drunk Reno could do this? Heh. It wasn't like Cloud could do this, either. Hand was put on the back of Reno's head. But then Cloud had to release. He needed to breathe normally. "....Reno. What the fuck....." he said underneath his drunken breath.

He chuckled quietly at that. "What the fuck....no.. that was just a kiss." He didn't really care what Cloud was talking about now, because he was going in for another kiss.

And Cloud took it again. Not like he had a choice, but Reno was a good kisser. .....Okay. Reno was a damn good kisser. But you know, Cloud needed to breathe, too. He had to let go for a bit. "Why... why are you doing this, Reno..."

"Because, I want you...Cloud..." Well, he would have said that if he was drunk or not...but he probably would have done a better job of trying to be suave about the whole situation.

"You're crazy, Reno...." Cloud rolled off his tongue. He then just realized that Reno had been on top of him for a long while now. And sadly, he didn't have the energy to shake him off. Be thankful, Reno. You might not get this chance ever again.

Reno sighed and slipped off to the side of Cloud. The blonde really could ruin a moment. "I'm not crazy... at least, last time I checked i wasn't.."

But then Cloud decided to be on his side as best as he could and put an arm over Reno anyway. "Are you sure....?" Cloud incessantly asked, somehow looking like he was nuzzling against Reno.

"Yeh... I've been called names..but never crazy." He shifted a bit until he could put his arms around Cloud. Well, this was definately something he wasn't going to remember.

And sadly, Cloud would. He had been drunk before, and he remembers everything that happens. Especially when they woke up like this. "Reno, I'm tired as all hell.... You had to bring that stupid bottle of.... patronnilika or some shit like that, didn't you."

"That's shit's good. Shutup and go to sleep." Ugh, Reno felt like he was going to pass out at any moment. "And remind me in the morning...to go get some coffee..."

"Dumbass. I can get you free coffee if I wanted...." But for once, Cloud complied and got comfortable with Reno. "Nite..."

"You better get me fucking free cof---" zzzzz


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