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Balthier and Basch

caelum_infinito in somni_astrum

IM to real-time

Who: Balthier and Basch fon Ronsenburg
When: October 21st, night
What: they haven't spoken in a long time
Warnings: adult situations - you have been warned

(22:14:47) Fulminating Dark: Hm..
(22:18:03) Fomalhaut Shot: Basch.
(22:18:11) Fulminating Dark: Balthier.
(22:18:34) Fomalhaut Shot: Good evening.
(22:18:46) Fulminating Dark: It has been awhile.
(22:19:00) Fomalhaut Shot: Forgive me, for other things have kept me busy. You are well?
(22:21:33) Fulminating Dark: I am quite well.
(22:21:43) Fomalhaut Shot: Good to hear. I expected nothing less.
(22:22:51) Fulminating Dark: And you?
(22:24:14) Fomalhaut Shot: I fair quite well, thank you.
(22:26:47) Fulminating Dark: Good. I believe we are due for a dinner.
(22:28:38) Fomalhaut Shot: Are we.
(22:28:51) Fulminating Dark: We are. It has been some time.
(22:29:06) Fomalhaut Shot: True enough. It's been awhile, captain.
(22:30:11) Fulminating Dark: Which is why I am speaking to you now..
(22:30:20) Fomalhaut Shot: I see. Do tell me what you have in mind.
(22:40:13) Fulminating Dark: I thought of a simple pizza really.
(22:41:45) Fomalhaut Shot: That sounds simple enough.
(22:42:32) Fomalhaut Shot: Tomorrow, perhaps.
(22:43:16) Fulminating Dark: Then it is a date.
(22:45:02) Fomalhaut Shot: Fair enough.
(22:53:15) Fomalhaut Shot: Anything interest happen as of late?
(22:54:49) Fulminating Dark: Still quiet on the western front. I'm a bit disturbed by it.
(22:56:09) Fomalhaut Shot: Same. I can't help but wonder what sort of power he is trying to nurture.
(23:00:48) Fulminating Dark: I think he may be full of it.
(23:00:57) Fomalhaut Shot: Perhaps.
(23:16:03) Fulminating Dark: It doesn't really make sense as to why he's here..
(23:16:37) Fomalhaut Shot: Perhaps to get him out of Britain's eyes. Perhaps he was being monitored there.
(23:16:48) Fomalhaut Shot: It was, quite frankly, very sudden that he arrived here.
(23:17:13) Fulminating Dark: I wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't have a plan.
(23:22:00) Fomalhaut Shot: It's very possible.
(23:23:18) Fulminating Dark: I'm a little shocked, but at least it gives me time to...regroup.
(23:23:36) Fomalhaut Shot: Regroup?
(23:30:15) Fulminating Dark: Yes. Spend time to deal with my own problems.
(23:34:10) Fomalhaut Shot: I see.
(23:34:28) Fulminating Dark: If you can call them problems..
(23:35:05) Fomalhaut Shot: All dependent on who has them, I suppose. Some call them problems. Some call them challenges.
(23:35:23) Fulminating Dark: True enough. I suppose they're a little of each.
(23:35:44) Fomalhaut Shot: Is it safe to assume that I am aware of these problems/challenges?
(23:36:13) Fulminating Dark: Of course.
(23:45:06) Fomalhaut Shot: I see.
(23:46:57) Fulminating Dark: Do you now?
(23:47:09) Fomalhaut Shot: In fact, I do.
(23:48:12) Fulminating Dark: Good. I was hoping it was clear enough.
(23:48:28) Fomalhaut Shot: Do let me know what you wish to do about it.
(23:48:53) Fulminating Dark: I believe there is a need to see you tonight.
(23:52:11) Fomalhaut Shot: By all means. My door is open. Unless you would like me to come to you.
(23:52:39) Fulminating Dark: It does not matter...this is something...I must quench.
(23:53:44) Fomalhaut Shot: Wait precisely 10 minutes. Perhaps I should be in sleepwear.
(00:06:25) Fulminating Dark: Perhaps it doesn't matter
(00:06:50) Fomalhaut Shot: In any case, ten minutes.

As stated, Balthier did get there in a 10-minute span. Even though it didn't matter what he was in, he still arrived in silk mocha-colored pajamas. He liked it that way for some reason. Then, there he was. Knocking on Basch's door, wondering what was on his mind aside from what has been said in that instant message.

Basch wasn't as fancy as Balthier when it came to things like sleepwear. He prefered his flannel pants and nothing else. Opening the door he smiled faintly. "Welcome Balthier.." he stepped to the side and waited for Balthier's trip to the leather couch.

At this point, maybe Basch knew Balthier too well. He made for the leather couch and immediately lounged on it like he usually does. He shifted a bit to turn and stared at the man who invited him here. "Anything you wanted to speak of, captain?" he asked.

"It's not a matter of talking." Basch pointed out. It was getting to the point that Basch was addicted to Balthier and couldn't figure out why he needed to be around the younger man. Which was why he had invited him over, he had to figure things out before it drove him insane.

"I suppose I should have added 'otherwise' to that statement, hmm?" Balthier said, his tone a little devious. But now he was curious. It wasn't a matter of talking, then what was it? "What should it be a matter of, captain? I am here. Surely there is something you wanted." Of course, Balthier was only being a little obnoxious about it. But if this is how he's going to get it out of Basch, then so be it.

Basch raised an eyebrow at that. "Surely you jest." Because, if Balthier didn't know what it was, Basch was going to go lock himself back in the cage he found his way out of. "I've been meaning to show you how much I've become attached to your company."

"Is that so." Then Balthier got up and approached the older man (who didn't look so old after all). The pirate leaned over to the nearest wall and looked in Basch's eyes. "Perhaps you are lucky that my attention is not in complete demand as of current." And further still, he moved his face closer to his as if to seduce him further. "You may show me all you like, Basch. Perhaps you should."

There was definately no need for seduction in this case. That point was long gone. "Perhaps I should? You enjoy giving non-commital answers, do you not?" basch really didn't mind, it was simply part of Balthier's charm. Though, he did take the pearl of wisdom and wrapped a strong arm around Balthier's waist. "Perhaps I will."

"Well well..." Balthier started, lightly licking his lips a bit. His eyes were still locked to Basch's. "Seems like you waste no time with this. Not that I blame you one bit." Because really, he didn't. A man normally liked having his way. And right now, Basch was getting his way. Or was he?

Oh, Basch knew that when things were going in the proper direction. He also knew that if Balthier didn't want things to move in that direction he would have said something. He shrugged his shoulders slightly at that before pulling Balthier up against his own body.

"I'm quite sure I know what's in that head of yours, captain. But the question is... do you dare do it?" Yes. Balthier, mentally, said it was on. But really, should he be even doing this? He had always been good at pushing buttons, and pushing buttons did he do.

Basch didn't quite have the same buttons as most men, however he couldn't help but enjoy this kind of pushing. "Do I dare do it? Is that some sort of a challenge, Balthier?" If it was, he knew he would be up for the task.

"If it wasn't, I would not have even thought of saying it," Balthier implied. Because there seemed to have been only one thing left to do. Was Basch going to do it? Balthier had his assumptions, but even in a steamy situation like this, Balthier still had his reserve in case things didn't turn out well.

Of course, he was going to move forward. It really was the whole point of inviting Balthier over in the first place. To prove to himself and to the other of what he wanted. He shifted his body a bit so that Balthier was inbetween himself and the wall. "Good. I wouldn't have it any other way." Of course, this would be the time for the kiss. Not a peck or anything that light. This was a full on toe curling kiss.

Oh, and you expect Balthier not to do anything about that? Of course he returned the kiss. Full on, if not better. Balthier didn't mean to be in-between the wall and Basch's body. But within a few seconds of them doing this, Balthier had made it a point to move away from the wall and onto Basch's bed. It felt more comfortable that way. That, and they were more free to do what they wish. To each other.

It honestly didn't matter to Basch. Everything before this had been experiments... testing of boundries, now he didn't care. Something had snapped within him letting him know what he wanted and what he needed. Fingers quickly worked open the buttons on Balthier's top not caring for anything else at the moment.

Smoothly and slyly, Balthier let go of Basch's kiss as he was undressing him. This man wasted absolutely no time doing so. The kiss had only been the beginning of it. This was no longer just mind games and tests. He realized that Basch had meant to be serious. In a relatively short amount of time as well. And Balthier wasn't sure if he was ready for this. But he remembered what Basch said. One day at a time. If this is what he had wanted, Balthier was going to give it to him, anyway. He began to remove Basch's shirt as well, pulling Basch's head towards his so another kiss can be initiated.

He had said that. One day at a time, but something had changed. If he was asked, he probably couldn't put his finger on it nor explain any sort of reasoning behind it. Fingers slowly ran up and down Balthier's side; pressing into the flesh around his ribs.

And we're sure we know what happened here. :D


December 2009

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